Bankruptcy Searches - Central London County Court at RCJ

Recent changes to the CPR Rules (rule 6.9A (3)) now require a search to be carried out for "Petitions Presented" when issuing a Bankruptcy Petition in England and Wales by making a search at Central London County Court sitting at the Royal Courts of Justice as well as at the debtors Local Court.

If you are looking for an agent to attend the Central London County Court to carry out a Bankruptcy Search we are able to assist you for a Fixed Fee of £75.00 + VAT. We are able to offer discounts for volume searches.

We attend the Royal Courts of Justice on a regular basis. We are able to have one of our Process Servers or Enquiry Agents attend the Central London County Court to make the relevant searches for you. Once the search has been made we return a report to you confirming the results of the search.

How to instruct us.

If you wish to instruct us we would require from you:-

a letter from you addressed to 'The Central London County Court, sitting at the Royal Courts of Justice' requesting a search for Bankruptcy Search - Petitions Presented.

A cheque for £7.00 payable to HMCTS.

We would then attend the Court with your letter of instructions and make the relevant search. We would return the result of the search to you along with our invoice for attending the Court

If you wish to discuss this then please don't hesitate to call us on 0113 286 8380

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