Status and Pre-Sue Reports

Issuing legal proceedings against a debtor or Enforcing Judgment Debts can be expensive. To assist making that decision, status or pre-sue reports can be a valuable tool when assessing whether or not to proceed and commence or enforce legal action.

PB Process Servers UK utilises a Nationwide network of enquiry agents. Our agents are able to attend any address in the UK to carry out a pre-sue investigation for you.

Levels of status reporting can be tailored to suit a clients needs and budgetary requirements. The fees for carrying out this type of work depend on the level of reporting required. Basic  pre-sue reporting usually consist of confirmation a debtor continues to reside at an address with photographs of the property and lifestyle check. More in-depth reporting can include income and expenditure, employment details, obtaining offers of repayment from the debtor and bankruptcy and CCJ searches.

Nationwide Pre-Sue Reporting

Our agents will attend any address in the UK with a view to obtaining the necessary information for you. Once we have attended the address we will report back to you shortly after enclosing the information obtained. We can report to you in writing or by email when acceptable.

Cost -effective Service

We normally carry out pre-sue reports for an agreed fixed fee. This way you know exactly what our fees are prior to instructing us.

If you are looking for a cost-effective solution to obtaining a pre-sue report then our experienced enquiry agents can help you. Visits are made to the address during the day and also out of normal business hours when necessary.

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