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Welcome to PB Process Servers UK. We are a leading firm of Process Servers and Enquiry Agents. We serve Court Documents throughout the UK.

Established in 2002, we are a reputable company, trusted by law firms in the UK and worldwide to handle the service of court orders and legal documents throughout the United Kingdom. We often handle service of highly sensitive, confidential and high risk matters.

Our clients are varied and include Solicitors, Lawyers, Councils, Local Authorities, Government Departments, Companies, Insolvency Practitioners, Charities, Insurance Companies as well as receiving instructions from Private Individuals.

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Court Orders Served - Fixed Fee Service - Nationwide

If you need a Court Order serving then we could assist you. We serve Court Orders throughout the UK for a low cost fixed fee service. We then provide you with evidence of service for use at Court. We serve legal documents for an agreed fixed fee. We also accept some legal aid cases depending on the area for service.

Process Servers and Enquiry Agents UK-Wide

As a Nationwide Process Serving Company, we are the preferred choice for many law firms. Our Process Servers serve court orders in almost every City, Town and Village in the United Kingdom. Our standard service includes a visit within 2-3 working days and our priority service includes a first visit the following business day or sooner.

We handle one off cases as well as high volume instructions including service of highly confidential and sensitive matters. Whatever your sector, wherever you need service, PB Process Servers UK is ideally placed to assist you.

All Types Of Legal Process Served

Our Process Servers serve all types legal process, including Court Orders, Statutory Demands, Bankruptcy Petitions and Winding-Up Petitions, Claim Forms, Writs, Citations and Summons, Divorce Petitions, Family and Children's Proceedings, Injunction Orders, Section 21 Notices, Section 8 Notices, Tenant and Landlord Notices, to name just a few! Whatever you need serving we can assist you.

Our Process Servers, sometime referred to as Private Bailiffs, Enquiry Agents and Private Investigators are some of the most experienced and resilient people in our industry. You can instruct PB Process Servers UK, safe in the knowledge your case will be dealt with by an experienced and reliable Process Server.

Ready to instruct a local Process Server? We make it easy!

Instructing a Process Server near you is very quick and easy. You will need to send us your instructions, along with the paperwork you want us to serve. You must ensure all relevant and helpful information is sent with your instructions. Instruct a local Process Server

Our website has a lot of information about Process Serving so take your time to look around. If you cannot find what you are looking for then contact us and we will be happy to help. We include information and advice on Issuing a Statutory Demand, getting a Process Server To Serve a Divorce Petition, as well as general Process Serving Advice. Find more information about PB Process Servers UK.

Why choose us...

We promise to.....

to serve your documents promptly and in accordance with CPR rules.

to serve the papers in accordance with your special instructions.

to ensure all Data Protection and Human Rights legislation is adhered to.

to keep you updated and advise you when service has been completed.

to monitor all cases we are dealing with and ensure they are returned to you on time.

that all statements or affidavits will be completed correctly.

Help Serve Divorce Petition

Is the County Court Bailiff struggling to serve your Divorce Petition? If so we have some helpful advice. If you need help and advice on how to get the Petition served fast when the Bailiff Cannot Serve Divorce Petition follow this link >>>

How To Serve a Section 21 Notice

If you need a Section 21 Notice Serving or Section 8 Notice Serving on your tenant we can assist you. We serve Section 21 and Section 8 Notices for Landlords Nationwide. We charge a Fixed Fee. Follow this link for information on How To Serve a Section 21 Notice

How To Serve a Court Order

We serve Court Orders in England and Wales. If you need help serving a Court Order, PB Process Servers UK can assist you. Follow this link for help How Do I serve a Court Order


Process Servers UK

If you need a Court Order or Legal Document serving in the United Kingdom we can assist you. We regularly serve Court papers in the UK which originate from abroad for people in the United States of America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand and South Africa. If you are looking for a Process Server in the United Kingdom click here.

Serving a Court Order in the UK

It is important to ensure a Court Order is served correctly. Click here for further information on serving a Court Order or Injunction in the UK.

Getting Divorced?

Our Process Servers and Bailiffs serve Divorce Petitions in England and Wales. Information on How To Serve a Divorce Petition. We assist client's even when the Court Bailiff has been unable to do so. Find out more about how we can help when Court Bailiff Cannot Serve Divorce Petitions.

Legal Aid Work

We accept some Legal Aid Cases. If we accept the legal aid job then our invoice will be broken down into time and mileage at the LAA accepted rates. If your case is LAA funded follow this link for Process Serving at LAA Rates.

Process Servers London

We Serve Court papers in London. If you are looking for a Process Server in London  Please visit us online also at our website:-

Process servers London

How To Serve a Statutory Demand

If you need help serving a Statutory Demand then we can assist you. Our Process Servers serve Statutory Demands every day. Follow this link How Do I Serve A Statutory Demand

Areas we cover

United Kingdom
City of London
Milton Keynes


Full list of all the area we cover Cover>>

What our clients say....

You have done tremendous job for our client..... Legal Comfort Solicitors

Always a pleasure to work with yourselves.... very straight forward.
Freeman Jones LLP

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