Bailiff Cannot Serve Divorce Petition - Help and Advice

We understand how stressful a Divorce can be especially when the Respondent is failing to Acknowledge Service of the Divorce Petition, or the County Court Bailiff cannot serve the Divorce Petition for you or is taking an age to do so!

You may feel you are running out of options and wondering what else can be done to bring your Divorce to a conclusion? Don't despair, PB Process Servers UK are expert Process Servers. We deal with many cases successfully serving Divorce Petitions even when the County Court Bailiff has failed to do so and we hope the advice on this page helps you move forward with your Divorce.

Ensure the Divorce Petition is Served Correctly

If the respondent has failed to acknowledge the Petition you will usually be required to serve this yourself. The options are you can instruct a County Court Bailiff or you can employ a Process Server.

You must ensure the Petition is served correctly in order to proceed further with your divorce. It cannot usually be posted through the letterbox. The Petition must be handed to or left with the Respondent. You can ensure it is served correctly by employing a Process Server to do this for you.

If we are having problems serving the Petition for you we will provide a Statement of Attempted Service. This can be used as evidence to prove to the Court the Respondent is evasive. You can then sometimes ask the Court to Dispense with Service or apply for Deemed Service or you can apply for an Order that allows this Petition to be served by an alternative method such as placing through the letterbox.

Why are we so successful?

In a nutshell our Process Servers are experts at Process Serving. Serving Court Papers is all we do and everything we do is geared towards getting the Petition served for you as quickly as possible.

 We will attend during the day, on an evening or at a weekend when necessary, something which we believe the County Court Bailiffs will not do. Not only that, we will make our first attendance within 2-3 days of receipt of your instructions rather than weeks or sometimes months as we so often hear!

It costs less than the County Court Bailiff

Yes, that's right we charge less to serve a Divorce Petition than what the County Court would charge you! we provide low cost, Fixed fee Process Serving. We charge a Fixed Fee and will make multiple visits (usually up to three) to the one address.

Once the Divorce Petition is served, we will provide you with a Statement of Service which is your evidence of service which you then lodge with the Court confirming the date and time we served the Petition.

Nationwide, Fixed Fee Service

We cover the whole of England and Wales. We have a large network of experienced, local Process Servers who will attend the address to serve the Divorce Petition for you. We make evening and weekend visits when necessary and once served we send you proof of service to you.

To instruct a Process Server

To instruct a Process Server you will need to post us the Divorce papers for service together with a further copy so we can exhibit this to our Statement of Service.

A photograph or Description of the Respondent is also useful to help identify the person to be served.

Normally you would send us the Divorce Petition, Acknowledgement of Service and the Notice of Proceedings.

If you do not have sealed copies of these you will need to contact the Court to request copies. Tell them you wish to instruct a Process Server. The Court will also be able to confirm exactly what documents need to be served.

We're here to help

We're here to help. If you would like to discuss the matter with us please give us a call or email us. We have helpful and friendly staff that can provide assistance. We are not Solicitors so cannot provide legal advice.


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If emailed copies can be served simply attach a scanned copy of the documents you want serving along with your instructions.
 If you wish to instruct us in writing send the papers to our Head Office.

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