How To Serve a Non-Molestation Order

PB Process Servers UK serve Domestic Violence Injunctions throughout the UK.

Domestic Violence effects the lives of many people, both male and female. If you are seeking Protection from an abuser then you could apply for a Non-Molestation Order, Occupation Order or a Prohibited Steps Order.

Recent cuts in Legal Aid mean more and more people are unable to get free legal advice. If you do qualify for Legal Aid then you'll also need a Process Server to serve the Order for you.

As a Nationwide Process Serving Company we are able to undertake such work. We do undertake some legal aid work. If you do not qualify for Legal Aid then don't worry we are still able to assist on a fixed fee basis.

There are various charities that will help you deal with and escape the abuse of Domestic Violence.

Once your Orders have been granted, one of our experienced, local Process Servers will attend the Respondents address and serve the papers for you as quickly as is possible. We can also lodge copies with the Police afterwards so they have a record of the injunction on record. The Order will provide some form of protection for you and the Respondent may be arrested if he or she breaches the terms of the Court Order. The Order may prevent amongst others things:-

To instruct a Process Server: -

To instruct a Process Server please use the following information


Telephone: 0113 286 8380

If you wish to discuss any matter with us including arranging collection of papers or for them to be sent direct to the process server.

If emailed copies can be served simply attach a scanned copy of the documents you want serving along with your instructions.
 If you wish to instruct us in writing send the papers to our Head Office.
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