How to Serve a Court Order in the UK

Article written: 29/01/2018 by Simon Pinkney in Process Servers

It is important to ensure a Court Order is served correctly and served on time to avoid the potentials costs of a wasted hearing and having to serve the Order again.

Serving a Court Order or Legal Papers in the UK can be a complicated process. There are many ways Court Orders can be served for example some Orders or Papers can simply be letterboxed at the address whereas others require Personal Service only. Other types of papers can be letterboxed at the address but only after a set process is followed.

To ensure the papers are served on time and served correctly it is wise to employ the service of a experienced Process Server. A Process Server will ensure that your papers are served as required. Once served the Process Server will usually provide you with either a Certificate of Service, a Statement of Service or a Sworn Affidavit confirming the date and time the documents were served and this is usually lodged with Court prior to the hearing.

Another benefit of using a Process Server is we are completely independent to the proceedings. We are not biased as to what we say or do. Therefore the proof of service provided by a Process Server may carry more weight than a statement made by yourself.

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Fixed Fee Process Serving

We make the service of legal papers in the UK a simple and cost effective process. One of our Process Servers, enquiry agents, investigators or bailiffs will normally attend the address within 48 hours of receiving the papers from us. We usually serve papers in the UK for a Fixed Fee.

We can also attend the same day as receipt for urgent matters. Normally we will attend the address and serve the papers for an agreed fixed fee, returning proof of service to you once the job has been completed along with a report.

We serve every type of process including: -

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