How to Serve a Section 21 or Section 8 Notice

It is important you ensure a Section 21 Notice and/or Section 8 Notice are served correctly. You should consider instructing a Process Server rather than serving the Notice yourself. Failure to ensure the notice was served correctly may invalidate service and delay matters further. Serving it yourself or by post may also allow your tenants the opportunity to dispute service claiming they never received the Notice from you. Using a Process Server, who is a independent third party, employed specifically to serve the Notice for you can help mitigate this reducing both the time it may take if the matter is disputed and the costs involved. Serving a Notice typically costs £87.50 + VAT.
To ensure the papers are served on time and served correctly we think it is prudent to employ the services of a experienced Process Server. A Process Server will ensure the papers are served at the address as required. Once served the Process Server will provide you with either a Certificate of Service. As the Process Server is completely independent to the proceedings, they are not biased as to what they say or do. Therefore the proof of service provided by a Process Server may carry more weight than a Certificate or Statement made by yourself.

You can instruct a Process Server very easily. Simply send the paperwork you want serving on the tenants.

Fixed Fee Process Serving

We make the service of legal papers in the UK a simple and cost effective process. One of our Process Servers, enquiry agents, investigators or bailiffs will normally attend the address within 48 hours of receiving the papers from us. We usually serve papers in the UK for a Fixed Fee.

We can also attend the same day as receipt for urgent matters. Normally we will attend the address and serve the papers for an agreed fixed fee, returning proof of service to you once the job has been completed along with a report.

We serve every type of process including: -

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Our website provides general advice which may change frequently. You can get legal advice on how to fill in a Section 8 with the correct notice periods and how to give it to your tenants. Find a solicitor.

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