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When Court Proceedings are commenced or a Legal Document needs to be delivered then a Process Server is a person that would serve those Court Papers or Legal Documents giving notice to the person or company served that proceedings have been commenced against them and when applicable Notice of the Courts jurisdiction. A Process Server may also attend Court for you to get the papers issued or file / lodge proof of service with the Court but predominantly they are there to "Serve" papers for you.

Once the Process Server has the papers for service he or she will attend the address for you and will serve those papers on the person or company. The person or organisation served is usually referred to as the Respondent, Defendant.

It is important to ensure papers are served correctly. Failure to do so may mean the Court is unable to proceed with a case until such time as proper service has been carried out. A Process Server will be familiar with the service rules predominantly under CPR relating to service of the papers he or she is serving for you.

There are various way papers can be served and it dependants on what they are serving as to how this is done but generally they are handed to the Respondent or Defendant. They can sometimes just be left at their address too.

 Once the papers have been served the Process Server they will then return proof of service to you. This will be in the form of a Certificate of Service, Statement of Service or a Sworn Affidavit. This evidence as to service is then lodged at Court so a Judge or the Court has proof of service.

A Process Server will serve most types of process including: -

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