Foreign Process Served in the UK

We serve foreign Process in the United Kingdom including instructions for US Process Served in the UK. Canadian Process Served in the UK. Australian Process Served in the UK. New Zealand Process Served in the UK. South African Process Served in the UK.

How to instruct us

We offer Nationwide Process Serving. It's very easy to instruct PB Process Servers UK to serve papers in the UK.

The quickest way to instruct us is by email. If emailed copies can be served then send your instructions to

If original papers need to be served then please send the papers you require serving to the address below. If you need us to exhibit a copy of the papers served to the affidavit of service then please also supply us with a further copy of the papers for this.

All correspondence should be sent to:-

PB Process Servers UK
First Floor, 71 Kingsway
LS25 1DQ

Please try and include your email address and a contact name of the person dealing with the case so we may easily contact you.

We will confirm safe receipt of your documents either by email, telephone or fax.

Check the following before instructing us:-